Free verse poem

This is a poem I made.

I was stranded on an isolated island.
I lived an unhealthy life and talked to animals.
The animals would talk back.
I have already decided to stay here.
If I went back to other humans I knew I would lose my ability to talk to animals.
And the ability to listen to animals.

Guess what season

The leafs are turning brown and falling off trees. Moss is growing on trees. Trees are becoming bare sticks with tiny branches. Trees are becoming weak. Only the best can survive this very bad stuff that is happening to them. The clouds are separating like they are breaking up and joining someone else.

imageMoss on Tree

Brown Leaves

Today we looked at natural and made a passage. Which you have to guess what season I’m talking about.


LEGO Technics

Things I like to do.





These are called LEGO technics and they can do stuff just by doing something simple like turning the engine which is why I like to do them in my spare time if none have been built.


Ranger’s Apprentice

I have read Ranger’s Apprentice for a long time and the author who is called John Flanagan is the best. There are 12 books in the series and I have read 11 of them, I am reading book 12: The Royal Ranger and so far the books are the best. For more books by John Flanagan is Brotherband which has 5 in the series which I have only read 4 of them. Entertaining and Adventures.

About Me

Hi, I like reading, building LEGO technics, doing maths and playing video games especially Halo 4. I like reading Greek, Roman and Egyptian Mythology, I also like to read the series Brotherband and Rangers Apprentice. I’m really a good at building technics which is a type of LEGO. I am good at maths.